“I was fortunate to come in contact with jazz as a child in New York at a time when the music still maintained an authenticity which other values and trends have since unfortunately eclipsed. Linked to dance and to African roots and spirits, jazz was still played by musicians who consecrated their lives to their art, by collectives characterized by intense conviction, and a power of communication that produced strong emotional impacts on their audiences. I believe that in today’s world there is a great need for jazz that reflects these roots, for a collective spirit, and for jazz that communicates and touches the soul.”

Joshua Edelman

Manhattan Bilbao Jazz-Zubia. A jazz bridge between cultures.

Text y photos: Cristina Santolaria

Manhattan Bilbao Jazz-Zubia is an autobiographical tale. Joshua Edelman’s latest album is the story of a New Yorker’s thirty-year musical odyssey through different cultures and cities of Central America, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean coast of Spain, Madrid, and Andalusia where he found friendship and inspiration.
And the invisible hand of destiny that brought him to Bilbao in 2010 led to new projects and experiences that find their expression once again through jazz, the bridge which unites all the previous currents. In his concerts Edelman conjoins past and present, integrating the jazz of his youth with the diverse influences of his Jewish roots, classical tradition, flamenco guitar, Cuban and Brazilian rhythms, poetry, dance, and Basque folklore, including songs in Basque and instruments like the trikitixa, previously unknown in a jazz context.

“All I’m doing is to tell about the things that happen in my life”.

Joshua Edelman al piano

“…“Something magical occurs when one expresses music from deep inside that has to do with one’s culture and ancestors… It is the natural essence of musical expressions directly connected to the heart and soul of a people. Without filters or manipulation, diverse genres of music seemingly so different suddenly become compatible as if they were one.” Twenty-five musicians from New York, Holland, Cadiz, Armenia, Cuba, Venezuela, Chile, Peru and the Basque Country participate in this new album produced by Joshua Edelman and Cristina Santolaria on the label Jazz Basque Country Productions.

The CD was recorded by Saul Santolaria, a specialist in “old school” techniques, in the style of legendary jazz records produced in New York in the fifties and sixties. Zubia/Puente/Bridge a beautiful word and an elevated concept, be it a physical reality or an abstraction. “Manhattan Bilbao Jazz-Zubia” I was born and grew up on the island of Manhattan, surrounded by enormous bridges, symbols of bravery, imagination and effort, of progress, communication and unity. Now my life takes place in Bilbao, a city also characterized by its hospitality, dignity and historical legacy, its beautiful bridges and its capacity for transformation in the key of progress.

Jazz was born as a bridge between Africa, America and Europe and has always been evolving, a reflection of life itself, constantly incorporating new influences and sentiments. This project is the fruit of roots and spirits that met and became entwined here in Bilbao. We hope that listening to this music will be as moving for you as the process of its creation was for us. “…My profound thanks to all the travelers that have transited the Manhattan Bilbao Jazz Zubia: family, friends and maestros of different cultures and countries. The gift of their hard work, their talent and their love can be felt in every note.”

Manhattan Bilbao Jazz-Zubia. CD

joshua-edelman-manhattan-bilbao-jazz-zubia-concierto-santolaria-yelsy Jazz Basque Country Productions. 2014

Joshua Edelman & Cristina Santolaria jazzbasquecountry.com
Saúl Santolaria. Sound engineer sweetsaulmusic.com

Musicians: Joshua Edelman. Piano. Rob Schneiderman. Piano. Manuel Machado. Trumpet. Yelsy Heredia. Contrabass. Moisés Porro. Drums and Percussion.Hans Mantel. Contrabass. Nono García. Guitar. Lara Sagastizabal. Voice. Xabi Aburruzaga. Trikitixa. Carlos Velasco. Guitar. Serguei Mesropian. Cello. Charles “Chop”Cooper. Saxophone and voice. Saúl Santolaria. Sound engineer. Ana Sagastizabal. Voice. Juan Luis Castaño. Drums. Aurora Arteaga. Voice. Ander Edelman. Piano. Julen Edelman. Piano. Yaiza Santolaria. Piano.  José Larracoechea. Trumpet. Óscar Águila. Trombone.Ibon Goitia. Alboka/Alto saxophone.Iker de Loma-Osorio. Piano. Brian Aching. Guitar. Borja Puente. Guitar. Ledian Mola. Violin.